The Committee for the American System is committed to bringing back to life the crucial economic policies that once made the United States a great and powerful industrial nation.  The name American System itself refers to the economic outlook associated with collaborators and successors of Alexander Hamilton, whose ideas dominated the political-economic debate for over 100 years.  The names associated with the American System include, but are not limited to, John Quincy Adams, Henry Clay, Matthew and Henry Carey, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt and others. The American System, which encompassed a protective tariff, heavy investment in industry and infrastructure, and a National Bank, spawned the emergence of the United States as a great and episodically beloved nation.

However, for over fifty years our country has not had the dedicated leadership to fulfill the promises of the American System and let alone the American Dream for all of our citizens.  There is now a movement afoot to rectify that misstep, and to pick up where Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy left off.

The Committee for the American System is dedicated to educating the public, legislators and regulators on crucial financial and economic legislation urgently needed to ensure the well being of our nation and our people. This includes the restoration of the Glass-Steagall Act, the creation of a National Infrastructure Bank, and the launching of a great infrastructure driven expansion.  These policies are intended to shift the economy away from the greed of Wall Street and financial speculation and into the hands of the lower 99%, the middle class, and enlightened policy makers at all levels.

The collapse of infrastructure in America is not only a tragedy but now is life threatening.  Most of our rail tracks, bridges, dams, and water systems go back to the New Deal or even back to the 1800s. Much of our rail infrastructure is nearly 150 years old!  A National Infrastructure Bank would enable investment into large projects, infrastructure restoration, in agriculture, industries and science.

In doing so, we will succeed in not only building a 21st Century Infrastructure grid, with state of the art rail, power and water projects.  In the process we will raise the standard of living and quality of life for all Americans and leveling the playing field for income equality.  We will restore optimism and hope. This is long overdue.

Time is of the essence.  Please join us in achieving this goal.