George Floyd’s Murder Was the Trigger:

George Floyd’s Murder Was the Trigger:

Lessons Still to Be Learned By Angela Vullo May 31, 2020–Those of us who never bought into the last 50-year economic shift into de-industrialization and financial speculation should not be shocked at the social unrest which has been unleashed in our country. The murder of George Floyd, a Minneapolis black […]

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Martin Luther King Jr. and Kennedy in Washington, D.C. on June 22, 1963

Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy’s Fight for Economic Justice Fifty Years Ago

A 50-Year Train Wreck Anyone who has been on the planet for any period of time knows that this breakdown did not happen yesterday. In fact, some of our rail and water infrastructure goes back 150 years to the Civil War era.  But, for time’s sake, let’s focus on the […]

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